Platform Program Manager


The Platform Program Manager is responsible for managing a team of teams that build products across multiple verticals. The Platform Program Manager understands the project management process for each product and ensures that the teams are working together for the same goals.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Platform Program Manager reports to the CEO. He or she reports on various KPIs including a budget, SDLC velocity, release schedule, and NPS for each product and the platform as a whole. The role of the Platform Program Manager is ultimately to build products that customers want and will buy and ship those products fast and on budget.


Platform Project Managers and Platform Product Managers report to the Platform Program Manager. Project Managers report various KPIs such as development velocity and resourcing allocations/budgets up to the Platform Project Manager. Product Managers report product success metrics like usage, performance, and NPS for products.


The goals of the Platform Program Manager are to ship features that customers buy and to improve NPS of existing customers. The Platform Program Manager surveys customers (external and internal) for features or improvements that are needed or wanted and tracks the status of these across the entire platform.

A successful Platform Product Manager delivers products that customers buy and are happy with fast and on budget.